Murphy Goode Sauvignon Blanc – 2 Cheers

Restaurant: Café Deluxe
Location: Tyson’s Corner, Va.
Wine: Murphy Goode, The Fumé North Coast, Sauvignon Blanc 2016


While out to lunch with H.R. and N.S., we wanted a light wine to go with our mac & cheese and salads (what a healthy meal!). We originally ordered a different bottle of sauvignon blanc, but true to form, the restaurant was out of the bottle. Due to a recommendation from the manager, we ended up with this lovely bottle of sauvignon blanc. Now, I should tell you that I like my wines dry, especially my white wines. This bottle was just that – dry and flavorful. Light enough to make us want spring to be here even more than we already do, with citrus flavors that were fermented in both stainless steel and barrel, giving it more crispness than some other sauvignon blancs I’ve had recently. It was the perfect complement to our salads and brought out all of the delicious flavors of that prosciutto mac & cheese.

This wine was perfect for what we were looking for, and like many other times, it was not our first choice but was definitely a winner in my book. Maybe we should intentionally order bottles of wine that are no longer on the menu so we can keep getting introduced to these gems!

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