Péché’s French Onion Soup – 2 Bites


Restaurant: Péché
Location: Austin, Texas
Dish: Classic French Onion Soup 

This French onion soup was delicious. I’ve always had a love for French onion soup – like an eat-the-cheese-off-the-sides-of-the-dish and dip-chicken-fingers-in-the-broth kind of love. To top it off: I don’t like onions. In fact, I despise them. But I LOVE French onion soup (I just eat everything except the onions), and this one was especially delicious.

To start, there was a lot of cheese on top – gruyere and a mix of others – and it was perfectly toasted. You had to break through with a spoon, but once you did, it was crispy and melty and amazing. The “bread” was really a large crouton, absorbing the soup just like it should. It was crispy on the outside, giving it a great crunch, and firm but melty on the inside, a perfect complement to the texture of the cheese on top. But what really made this dish out of this world? The broth. It was clearly made in-house and unlike some other soups I’ve had, it wasn’t overly salty. It was light and flavorful and worth every single overpriced penny I paid. In fact, my colleague and I both agreed that it was the highlight of our meal, along with the wine.

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