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I love eating out. I view it as such a lovely way to spend time with people and to just catch up over a meal and some wine. In Food Reviews, I’ll talk about some of my favorite meals and restaurants. Because I live in D.C. and visit Florida frequently, most of my reviews will be from those areas. If you have suggestions of places or things to try, let me know! (Also, this blog started out as solely a mac’n’cheese blog, so most of my earlier reviews will focus on cheesy things….and let’s be real, most of my new review will, too!

Everything on this page will be something that I love, but I will rank how much I love it by using the following system: 3 Bites = can’t live without, 2 Bites = always dream about, 1 Bite = only sometimes dream about. Bottomline: everything is worth eating.

Reexamining what’s in the blue box: America’s iconic mac & cheese – Donald Trump & Buck Showalter Edition

*Note: Originally this blog gave mac & cheese celebrity alter egos. I removed most of those from existing blogs, but a mentor of mine wrote these, and they’ve aged well, so they get to stay! Reexamining what’s in the blue box: America’s iconic mac & cheese The Kraft product, available since the Great Depression, hasContinue reading “Reexamining what’s in the blue box: America’s iconic mac & cheese – Donald Trump & Buck Showalter Edition”

Péché’s French Onion Soup – 2 Bites

Restaurant: Péché Location: Austin, Texas Dish: Classic French Onion Soup  This French onion soup was delicious. I’ve always had a love for French onion soup – like an eat-the-cheese-off-the-sides-of-the-dish and dip-chicken-fingers-in-the-broth kind of love. To top it off: I don’t like onions. In fact, I despise them. But I LOVE French onion soup (I justContinue reading “Péché’s French Onion Soup – 2 Bites”

Baked Ziti – 3 Bites

Restaurant: Matt’s Italian Location: Jacksonville, Fla. Dish: Baked Ziti I don’t know how they do it, but Matt’s Italian in Jacksonville, Fla. makes the best baked ziti I’ve ever had. I’ve been going to this restaurant since I was a child, and although I moved quite a few years ago, I stop by whenever I’mContinue reading “Baked Ziti – 3 Bites”

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