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Le Pigeoulet – 3 Cheers

Restaurant: Péché Location: Austin, Texas Wine: Le Pigeoulet des Brunier Vaucluse 2015 To go with our mac’n’cheese, French onion soup and steak, N.S. and I wanted a good bottle of red wine, one that we hadn’t tried before. Originally, we went for our tried-and-true and ordered the cabernet, but they were out of the bottleContinue reading “Le Pigeoulet – 3 Cheers”

About These Reviews

I am not a professional wine connoisseur or sommelier, but I like tasting and learning about a lot of different wines. I lean toward dry wines, so please keep that in mind as you read these reviews. And, I’m always looking for more to try, so make suggestions!

Everything on this page will be something that I love, but I will rank how much I love it by using the following system: 3 Cheers = can’t live without, 2 Cheers = dream about, 1 Cheer = only sometimes dream about.

Bottomline: everything is worth drinking.

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