Café Deluxe’s Prosciutto Mac & Cheese – 1 Bite

Restaurant: Café Deluxe Location: Tysons Corner, Va. Dish: Prosciutto Mac & Cheese  Recently, a colleague raved about the prosciutto mac & cheese at Café Deluxe, so H.R. & I had to give it a go! We decided to run over one day for lunch, and let me tell you, we were not disappointed. This macContinue reading “Café Deluxe’s Prosciutto Mac & Cheese – 1 Bite”

Péché’s French Onion Soup – 2 Bites

Restaurant: Péché Location: Austin, Texas Dish: Classic French Onion Soup  This French onion soup was delicious. I’ve always had a love for French onion soup – like an eat-the-cheese-off-the-sides-of-the-dish and dip-chicken-fingers-in-the-broth kind of love. To top it off: I don’t like onions. In fact, I despise them. But I LOVE French onion soup (I justContinue reading “Péché’s French Onion Soup – 2 Bites”

Péché’s Mac’n’Cheese – 1 Bite

Restaurant: Péché Location: Austin, Texas Dish: Mac and Cheese On a recent work trip to Austin, N.S. and I decided we really needed some cheesy goodness to round out the trip. We’d already experienced our fair share of meat sweats from delicious BBQ and were looking for something different. We stopped in to Péché on WestContinue reading “Péché’s Mac’n’Cheese – 1 Bite”